February 2nd 2024

Successful test results

Successful test results featured image

EYE-GO is continuously improving and testing MistGo®.

We are proud to report that we during 2023 have completed multiple successful tests:

  1. Micro-dosing (conducted by Copenhagen University Hospital)

Micro-dosing eye medication is as safe and efficacious as conventional eye drops.

MistGo® micro-dosing mist technology, with only 6 μL dose volume, provides a comparable pupil dilation using Tropicamide 1%, as when using a conventional eyedrop applicator with approximately 30 μL dose volume.

See the one-pager here

  1. Sterility (conducted by Danish Technological Institute)

MistGo® is designed to provide an effective barrier to microbial ingress and is a delivery device suitable for preservative-free eye medications.

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  1. User study (conducted by Design Psychology)

MistGo® offers patients significant advantages over conventional bottles.

The design of an eye drop bottle leads many patients to administer their medication incorrectly.

MistGo® is an innovative alternative designed to help patients administer their eye medication in a more precise and user-friendly way. The better user experience translates into higher patient compliance, healthier eyes, and higher quality of life for patients.

See the one-pager here

  1. Performance (conducted by EYE-GO)

MistGo® has a large performance window and is able to administer different kinds of topical treatments, even the ones with high viscosity and stickiness.

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