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January 2023

EYE-GO receives soft funding!

We are extremely grateful to announce that EYE-GO has been funded from not only one but two sources.


Thank you to:

Innovation Fund Denmark’s Innobooster program enabling start-up companies develop and mature new products with economic and societal potential.


Lighthouse Life Science aiming to map Denmark as a lighthouse the world looks towards for innovative life science technologies.

The funding will help EYE-GO further develop MistGo® – EYE-GOs micro-dosing eye medication delivery system – and prepare for an effective high-volume production.



May 1st 2021

Touch and test the real thing

EYE-GO is happy to announce that we have developed
the first fully functional prototype of MistGo®. This milestone achievement is in line with the technical development project.


It means that partners can now touch and feel the right thing and even test MistGo® on the skin with a simple saline solution.


Contact Henrik Nagel on for more.

October 2020

Our team is growing

To further strengthen our commercial muscle and accelerate activities even further Louise von Haffner will join our team as Director of Business Development as of October 1st. With her strong track record of translating tech solutions into compelling value propositions and of bringing wining go2market strategies to life, we are certain Louise will be a great asset to our team.


At the same time we staff-up in the area of RA and QA. To secure a strategic approach to RA and QA as well as handle the dialogue with relevant regulatory bodies going forward, Sten Elkjær Andersen will join our team as Director of RA & QA also as of October 1st. Sten has worked within the medico industry his entire professional career amongst others as Director of RA & QA at Ambu A/S. With Sten on board we are equipped best possible to continue to comply with and develop in line with regulatory requirements

October 2018

New Chairman and CEO 

In an effort to secure greater strategic focus and even better execution of the strategy, it has been decided to make changes in key organizational positions at EYE-GO. As of October 2018, chairman Jesper Boysen and board member Henrik E. Wulff will step out of the board. Instead former board member Christian Stig Møller has been constituted as new chairman. 


At the same time, the new board of directors has decided to appoint Henrik Nagel as new CEO of EYE-GO. Henrik comes with more than 25 years of international management experience from world-leading tech companies mainly within life science. He is the perfect candidate to secure the future continued success of EYE-GO.  

Christian Stig Møller
Chairman of the Board
Christian joined EYE-GO as chairman of the board in 2018. He is one of the leading financers in Denmark focused on non-listed investments. At present Christian is is the interim CEO og Grønnely A/S. For the past 20 years Christian has been CEO in several mid-large size companies in Denmark and abroad including Bank of Copenhagen.

Christian also holds the position as Chairman of the Board in several other start-ups and investment funds.

November 2020

New RA & QA Director on board

Our team is growing again. To secure a strategic approach to RA and QA as well as handle the dialogue with relevant regulatory bodies going forward, Sten Elkjær Andersen will join our team as Director of RA & QA also as of November 1st.


Sten has worked within the medico industry his entire professional career amongst others as Director of RA & QA at Ambu A/S. With Sten on board we are equipped best possible to continue to comply with and develop in line with regulatory requirements.

December 2020

New funding secured 

EYE-GO is excited to announce that we have raised more than USD 1 million in a new investment round. The investment has been secured with the participation of all current shareholders that comprise business angles and Maj Invest, but also from Vækstfonden and Innovationsfonden – both owned by the Danish state.


This capital injection enables us to produce our first fully functional prototype that is reproduceable in large numbers, thus moving us from proof of technology to proof of concept.

December 14th 2020.
Global press release

Disrupting eye treatment

Danish MedTech start-up disrupts the global market for eye treatment: Many challenges are associated with the conventional eye drop bottle. The global ophthalmic industry has long pushed for a way to better deliver medication to the eye. Now, the Danish-based MedTech start-up, EYE-GO, has the solution that can improve the lives of millions of people globally suffering from severe eye conditions. Leading ophthalmologists and frontrunning international players in the industry have already named it “a true game-changer in eye treatment”. The Danish state participated in the latest investment round.

EYE-GO has developed a truly revolutionary medical device for ophthalmic drug administration. This system is the first to consistently secure the right dose and the right delivery into the cornea of the eye so that people with severe and chronic eye conditions can benefit from the full effect of the ocular medication for improved eye health.

Henrik Nagel, CEO of EYE-GO elaborates: “One of the disruptive features of our technology is a high precision micro pump that releases a gentle mist of only 6µl (microliters), which matches the optimal absorption capacity of the cornea. In comparison, a dense drop from an eye drop bottle is between 30-60µl (microliters), which is a significant waste of resources as it cannot be absorbed in the cornea, and also risks irritating the skin around the eyes.”

The effectiveness of EYE-GO’s advanced technology makes it cost-competitive globally to the conventional eye drop bottle. It further allows the global ophthalmic industry to optimize the level of active ingredients and introduce innovative ocular medication for entirely new treatment possibilities. That is good news for patients, and for business.

Another revolutionary aspect of EYE-GO’s ocular drug delivery system is its ease of use.

Henrik explains: “We wanted to create an exceptional user experience, at the same time as delivering the best therapeutic treatment effect for the eye. The result is a system that is extremely easy and comfortable to use – whether you are young or senior, and whether you are at home or on the go. People with eye disease are simply much more inclined to complete their treatment when it can be done in a convenient, comfortable, and hassle-free way. And that translates directly into a reduced risk of blindness, improved eye health, and quality of life.”

Chairman of the board, Christian Stig Møller concludes: “We are very excited about the future. From the beginning, there has been an overwhelming interest in EYE-GO, and we are far in the dialogue with several interested pharma partners. We are also in the very fortunate position that all funding is in place to finalize the fully functional prototype that is reproducible in large numbers. That will take us from proof of technology to proof of concept.” Today, the circle of owners of EYE-GO includes business angles, Maj Invest, and as of this fall also financial support from Vækstfonden and Innovationsfonden, both owned by the Danish state. 

September 1st 2021

Strong preference for mist delivery

During the summer, EYE-GO teamed up with the Department of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital in Copenhagen to conduct a Comfort study of the MistGo® technology. 20 patients aged 40-90 years and suffering from dry eye disease with severe to mild symptoms participated. The results were striking and univocal. The study confirmed a strong preference of patients for our mist delivery over drop delivery from an eye drop bottle.


Commonly cited reasons for high scores in favor of the mist delivery with MistGo® were:

“I feel the liquid is distributed better and more effectively in the eye with the mist.”
“My eyes feel better lubricated with the mist.”
“The mist leaves no excess liquid in my face or running down my cheeks.”
“The mist dose seems more optimal and therefore also more economic.”
“With the mist delivery I have peace of mind and feel reassured that my eyes have been treated correctly”.


To learn more about the study and scores, contact Henrik Nagel on

December 2022

EYE-GO receives scholarship

EYE-GO is the proud receiver of a scholarship from the Danish Sportsgoodsfond.

The Sportsgoodsfond has awarded 3 start-ups having distinguished themselves by developing useful technologies improving human lives and benefiting society.


“Everyone on our team believes in what we are working on, and we know that our solution will be able to improve the quality of life for many people in the world. The prize will help us make a difference for people who are affected by chronic eye diseases – and sight is one of the most important senses we have” said Christian Bent Rode, CFO in EYE-GO A/S when receiving the scholarship on behalf of EYE-GO.


Congratulations to the other two award-wining companies ZenzeTech and GO-Pen.



February 2022

Danish Business Award

EYE-GO is proud to receive the Business Award 2021 from the Municipality of Rudersdal in Denmark. EYE-GO is awarded for entrepreneurship with great growth potential.


Press release from Rudersdal Municipality:

“EYE-GO is an entrepreneurial company with a revolutionizing innovation and a great potential. EYE-GO has developed the eye care technology MistGo®, which can replace traditional eye care bottles and improve the quality of life for people suffering from eye conditions.”


Henrik Nagel, CEO of EYE-GO, states: “EYE-GO has a dream to improve the quality of life of people worldwide suffering from chronic eye conditions. We believe MistGo® can disrupt the way people take their eye-medication. No more hassle with eye drop bottles, which are often difficult and uncomfortable to use, and which lead to over-medication – simply because of the size of the liquid drop. MistGo® is easy and comfortable to use and only dispenses the precise dose absorbable by the eye in a gentle mist quicker than you can blink. With this, we make it easier to follow a treatment plan to the benefit of patients, practitioners and the society.”


EYE-GO is a start-up company located at DTU Science Park close to Copenhagen with a functional prototype tested by professionals and users. In the near future EYE-GO will add to the team to speed up the product development and identify pharma partners to go to market.

Charlotte Piester
Board Member
Charlotte joined EYE-GO as board member in 2022. She is a commercial expert within Life Science and specifically MedTech Marketing. Charlotte has held leading international positions with Coloplast and Ambu and is a former founder and CEO of several start-up companies. Recently Charlotte had the responsibility of business development of the life science investment portfolio with Vaekstfonden as Investment Director. Charlotte has driven growth of companies though consultancy, M&A processes and has previous board experience.

Morten Nielsen
Board Member
Morten joined EYE-GO as board member in 2022. He is a senior executive with strong experience in strategic business transformations and strategy execution. Morten has a background as Partner with PA Consulting Group and has held CEO and other executive positions specializing in Drug Delivery Devices and Connected Health. Morten operates as a MedTech Mentor and holds several board positions.

April 2022

Strengthening of the board

Martin Laub and Erik Stener Jørgensen have been appointed as new EYE-GO board members. Martin and Erik are active members in and chairs of a list of boards within various industries including the life science industry.

Martin has solid commercial background and important entrepreneurial know-how from many years as business angel. Erik is a Statutory Auditor and has since 1992 worked as partner with Grant Thornton since 2011 merged with PWC.

April 2022

New funding secured

EYE-GO is excited to announce that we have raised more than USD 1M in a new investment round. The investment has been secured with the participation of all current shareholders comprising business angles and Maj Invest Holding.

The capital raised enables us to move towards the next product development milestone verifying the delivery system MistGo®.

April 2022

Stronger EYE-GO team

To accelerate our development activities even further, Morten Jacobsen has joined our team as Senior Project Manager. Morten has a strong track record within R&D project management and comes from a similar position with the Danish medical device company Ambu.

We’re pleased to have added an asset like Morten to our team.

June 2022

More assets added to our team

We’re excited to share that we’ve welcomed two new colleagues: Henrik Sandberg, joining our team as Senior Project Engineer and Mark Poulsen joining our team as Principal Process Engineer.
Henrik has worked in development of medical equipment 30+ years with a focus on research and process development of medical equipment specializing in quality relations between device and manufacturing processes. Henrik will help integrate process development into product development to achieve efficient manufacturing processes and accelerate time to market. Henrik comes from similar positions at the Danish companies Radiometer Medical and Novo Nordisk.

Mark is specialized within polymer welding processes and design for manufacturing and assembly. Mark will take part in ensuring a robust volume manufacturing of MisGo® that involves: Maturing design and processes, specifying machinery, running in machinery, validation and ramp-up.  Mark comes from similar positions at the Danish companies Novo Nordisk and Coloplast where he has been involved in several development project of devices that are now volume manufactured both in- and outside of Denmark.

We’re pleased to have added additional asset like Henrik and Mark to our team.